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GPC exists to be a safe place for broken people to receive and share the healing grace of God in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

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A word of reflection to all parents: What is the ultimate goal of your parenting? Do you have it clear and settled in your mind and heart? Is it guided by the Word of God or cultural “death by suburb” values?

Without the word “covenantal vision” anywhere close to the mind of David Brooks (I’m sure), he “nails it” below with the summery contrast of the dominate “Big Me” culture in which we now live, and the parenting of another generation.

Our vision at GPC is to equip our children to give their lives away for the things of eternal significance. And to love them with a gospel love that orders their affection after things of God’s heart.

Read and reflect below:

“These two great trends—greater praise and greater honing combine in interesting ways. Children are bathed in love but it is often directional love. Parents shower their kids with affection but its not simple affection, it is meritocratic affection—-it is intermingled with the desire to help their children achieve wordily success.” David Books The Raod To Charcter
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