Living in relationships can be a struggle. We are torn between wanting to be known and the fear of being rejected. We wrestle with questions like: ‘Will people really accept me if they know who I am?’ ‘From the outside, my life looks great… but if people knew about my life, marriage, kids, work and the problems I am facing, would they really care?

These fears usually lead us toward isolation. These fears are based on the premise that people will accept me when I make myself acceptable. Life lived from this perspective can be filled with fear, loneliness, pain and little joy.

What if you started with a different premise? What if the church laid a foundation that allowed us to be honest about who we are? The premise being that we all come entering into relationships broken, wrestling with our own guilt and shame, struggling to love and to be loved and tired of pretending that we have it all together.

By starting here it moves us away from feeling the need to present ourselves as perfect people who have everything together, and it moves us towards experiencing the acceptance and love of the Father by His grace through Jesus, His Son. It is a freeing when everyone can come together in humility and recognizing that we are all a people in need. It creates an atmosphere where we live in need of each other. We can now have the freedom to move into each other’s lives seeking to encourage and to receive encouragement and help.

It is what we believe the church is meant to be. These are the things that we value here at Grace. It is our hope that our vision speaks into your life giving you a deeper joy in your relationship with God as well as in your relationships with people here at our church.

Here is what this looks like within our Community of Relationships:

Grace Groups:  Do you have people in your life with whom you can be real? Do you have people to share your joys, hardships and struggles of life? Our grace groups provide opportunities to deepen relationships and a safe environment for people to know you and for you to be known. They offer the chance to encourage, strengthen and pray for each other. We would love to have you join one of our groups that meet throughout the week.

Testimony from a couple: “We love our Grace group.  They are like family.  They support us when we struggle.  They rejoice with us in our triumphs.  They challenge us to grow in our faith and in our relationships.”

Conversations with Moms:  Several years ago there was a commercial about a mom who described her life: ‘the traffic, the boss, the children, the dog.” Then, she made this comment: “Calgon, take me away.” Does life seem chaotic and busy at times? Do you find yourself in a place where you need to get away to find some support and encouragement as a mom? Conversations with moms meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm. It is led by Anne Sears, who provides valuable insight and a safe environment for moms to talk about their struggles.

Testimony from one mom: “I wouldn’t be the mom I am today without this time of prayer and encouragement! To be able to draw on the experiences of other Christian mothers has been invaluable.”

Children and Youth:  What do we want for our kids? We want the very best for them spiritually and relationally. Our vision for our children and youth is that they would taste, hear, see and understand the depth of love that God has shown to them through His grace in Jesus, His Son. We also want to promote their relationships with their parents as the primary spiritual caregiver as well as to create opportunities and relationships where others are able to speak words of life into their hearts through special caring relationships. Lastly, we believe that they have a great calling within the church. As people invest in their lives, we challenge them to invest in those who are younger so that they see themselves as a part of the larger body of the church.