g4 Youth


g4 Youth- Maturing in Grace

Welcome to g4 Youth! We exists to help our youth live out through faith what it means to be a Grace receiver. Taking ownership of their faith– For years parents, Sunday school teachers, pastors and the church community have been passing along their faith to these kids who are now maturing into adults. Along the years, these kids have been challenged to take ownership of their faith. As they move into their teen years, we seek to challenge them to a deeper sense of ownership with regards to their faith. We challenge them to grow in their faith in Jesus as they discover what it means more fully to be recipients of Grace and to be sharers of Grace.


g4 youth- Generationally Driven

Grace is 4 our teens. We are intentionally driven to connect our older adults with our teens. We believe that this gives our youth a sense of belonging to our church.  All of our teens have prayer partners who are connecting with them each week, praying for them, and being intentional about letting them know that they are loved by Grace Church.


g4 Youth- A Place of Significance

We believe that our youth are longing to find a place of significance within the church. They have gifts and abilities to bless the church. From serving in small ways to using their gifts and talents in worship and in caring for the next generation, they have a place within our community. As Grace receivers, we challenge them to become sharers of that grace as they live out this calling within our community.