Grace Kids Impact Nippers Corner in a Big Way

Can our kids make a difference in our community? Yes!!! This past year we had our annual City Project Nasvhille churchesWeek where our children moved into our Nippers Corner community finding ways to do good. In the past, our projects have included visiting nursing homes and feeding refuge high schoolers at a local summer camp.

This year, it was amazing to see how God would use our kids to impact change so that we were a part of saving lives in the future. One of our projects included having the local fire department drop by our summer camp to talk about avenues in which they help serve the community. While listening to the firefighters, one of our adults asked a question about a safety light at the Nippers Corner Fire Department. She communicated the danger that is presented every time the Fire Department is called out to help someone. The fireman answered her question by informing us that the Old Hickory Road which they enter is extremely dangerous. Every time they move out towards the emergency, they are worried for their own safety as well as the safety of the cars who go very fast past the Fire Department. Then, we asked a follow-up question. Why is there not an emergency light? The fireman explained that there was not enough funding to get one up.

At this moment, we jumped into action. The next week we paid a visit to the Fire Department asking 20161010_105232_001them what we should do to get the ball rolling. The firemen were very doubtful any measures would be taken due to the lack of funding. Then, we contacted our local representative with our concerns. We continued to follow up with our representative to make sure the appropriate actions were being taken. After about 4 months, we were so delighted that the emergency lights were put up on Old Hickory. It has been an exciting opportunity for our kids at Grace. We are excited that our efforts helped to save people’s lives.  Who knows how many accidents would have been caused without this emergency light.